First ever project I joined. This was the period I started doing game art.


Second project I joined was ‘Radakan’ with the MonkeyDo team which consists of 3 core member Erlend (PR Manager) Kirill (Programmer) and I (Game Artist) , plus another member, Peter Kan (concept artist). After that Radakan adventure we set out to start up a new project named ‘Project: NiteIris’ (working title) it was supposed to be a 2,5d shooter Metriodvania kind of game. Though the project didn’t come far due to lack of time and motivation by the core team.



While working on NiteIris I got contacted by an artist which had worked on Sylorn. I worked on a mod for “The Witcher’ which got cancelled. After that we worked on a system similar to ‘Steam’ called “RiSE’ I worked on a project called ‘The After’ which was meant to be released for RiSE. Anything RiSE related is on pause right now. Once it continues again they plan on making ‘small games’.

Scrap Planet

A project started by Logan Granberry. He asked whether I could help him out on the art side
Scrap Planet will be a 3d puzzle platformer played in a 2d plane.


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