For whoever reading this stuff..

This wordpress blog/portfolio won’t be used anymore. I have gotten a new website (for some time actually, but just recently launched it) so any update from now on will be made there. This wordpress blog will be used as an archive for the works that are on here right now. My new website won’t have much or any work that’s on this website.

Its to motivate myself to work more on my art and fill out my new portfolio.

So yeah check that out..



Albus <3 Mudbox

So sculpted Albus’ head a little, gotta fix a thing or two still.

Decided to test a few litspheres I made on Albus.
Here are a few examples:



I made a pack out of it so anyone that wants it can download them. 🙂

Personal Character Project.

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a fan of the Castlevania series. Because of that I thought that I should at least have 1 Castlevania related model in my portfolio.

So that is why I started creating ‘Albus’ from Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia.

So here’s a w.i.p. head which I actually started 2 months ago, 2 days of work.


Albus head model w.i.p.

Project: Nite Iris

Its been a while since I updated.

Anyway started a new project with a couple of guys called Nite Iris. It will be a 2.5d (3d graphics, 2d gameplay) sidescroller in year 2050, so everything is advanced but still looks like a modern world.
More info about this later! 🙂

Anyway an update and no art? Off course not!

Made 2 concepts for PNI (Project: Nite Iris), one sub and one possible main character. They can both be found on the 2d page, or follow these links:


Here’s a preview;


Main Character.

3d update

Finally added some content to the 3d page! So yeah check that out.

Here’s a preview:D

MiniDom III

Also, I got mentioned in a feature over at http://www.gamecareerguide.comResults from the Game Design Challenge: Hero

A drawing based on a description of Sadr’s idea of a Hero.


I think I’ll do a monthly update from now on.

So yeah, I played around with ‘Colors!’ again. Bought a new DS, since the touch screen of my first DS wont work any more, and now I’m able to use ‘Colors!’ once again!

What is ‘Colors!’?
‘Colors!’ is a home-brew app for the DS which allows you to paint with simple tools. It makes use of the DS’ touch screen (which apparently is pressure sensitive) which makes the DS a nice painting platform. It also plays back any painting done on ‘Colors!’. The guys have set up a pretty awesome gallery which enables play back of the paintings.

So here’s a little something (which looks like sh*t) I quickly made on the DS:

Adam Monroe, David Anders from the TV show Heroes
Adam Monroe, David Anders from the TV show ‘Heroes’

And to check out how I did it check the gallery:

Some more intresting pieces done by other artists which caught my eye:
Kitteh by Racuh
Happy Easter by Savante
GTA IV Lola by madwurmz.com
Morning by tsenzen
On my desk by sedyas

For more info about ‘Colors!’, check out http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/about.php.
For the gallery go to http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/index.php


I have been recording myself working on some assets that I am creating for Radakan (where I’m the Art Director). It’s supposed to be something others artist, who are part of the team, can learn from.

I am actually not explaining anything in these videos… See it as ‘watch and learn’.
Feel free to send me emails to ask why I did something like I did to fatih.gurdal@live.nl (try to be as specific as possible in title, which video and timeline.)

Check them out at: